Roots to Reggae - Day 3 Image

by Tanaka Roberts

On the final day, Aimi Rix tweaked into harmony with the savory side of the island and then plunged into the wild life.

As an artist, Aimi was beyond delighted when she arrived at Harmony Hall Art Gallery in Ocho Rios, St Ann. Obviously impressed by the exhibition, her appreciation for the local talent led her to acquire a"collection" by the end of the tour. From fine art to fine Jamaican jerk, Rix then indulged at the famous Scotchies for lunch. To her surprise Dolphin Cove was then added to her running order, this of which she was visibly excited about. 

She swam with dolphins, hung out with reptiles and even 'spread eagle' with parrots. As the day slowly came to an end, the contest winner never failed to express her gratitude to the Jamaica Tourist Board for the opportunity to explore the island's offerings from 'Roots to Reggae' and more. It is safe to say she enjoyed every minute of it, best expressed in her remark, "I would come back in a heartbeat!"
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