Roots to Reggae - Day 1 Image

by Tanaka Roberts

Aimi Rix takes a tour of Jamaica's musical history on day one, ending the night with a live performance from songstress, Cherine Anderson.

Aimi Rix began her "Roots to Reggae" expedition with a tour of the famous Bob Marley Museum, the former home of the legendary King of Reggae. While there she met contemporary Reggae/Dub band Nomaddz with whom she shared samples of her art pieces and chat for a little while. Then she was off to The Institute of Jamaica -Music Museum where she was exposed to the lineage of Jamaican music going as far back to the indigenous indians who once occupied the island. 

These tours were enough to work up an appetite which lead Aimi Rix to her next destination, Devon House. Here she delved into the sweeter side of Jamaica with some classic Devon House ice cream and signature patties from the bakery. With a belly full and equally filled with enthusiasm she was off again, this time making her way to Tuff Gong Studio. She marvelled at the Marley's one-time musical realm from his equipment to awards and recording booth. Rix even got the chance to record her own rendition of Redemption Song. 

The day's activities came to a charming melodic end as Aimi grooved to Cherine Anderson in concert at the Wyndham Kingston Hotel.
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