Indians Celebrate 50 years of being independent Jamaicans Image

by Breneita Harbajan

May 6, 2012 marked the day Indians celebrated fifty years of being independent Jamaicans. The celebration took place at Chedwin Park in St. Catherine.

The day started off gloomy with heavy dark clouds hovering in the sky but the event began as planned at 1pm however the inevitable showers led to its premature intermission causing everyone both performers and spectators to run for shelter. Unfortunately due to the massive turn out the available tents could not facilitate everyone and some persons were soaked by natures blessing. The rain however did not stop the socializing as huddled under the various tents persons realized how small the world really is as they met and greeted family, old friends and even made new friends. The showers eventually came to an end and the program was continued however the rain created another problem as the ground now turned to mud, ruining shoes, socks and pedicures. The only people who were spared were the few who came prepared in their water boots. 

 Luckily the mud did not damper the mood as people continued enjoying themselves walking from stall to stall whether getting their face-painted, or standing in the incredibly long line for food and drink or purchasing at the variety stalls, while trying not to lose their shoe in the mud. Others decided to keep clean by staying put under the tents while enjoying the stage show hosted by Dr. Winston Tolan, watching dance and singing performances. These spectacular performers included the beautiful dancers Rachel and Chantal Biersay, Savitri Tolan visiting from Miami the Amala Gita group, the Rakesh Yankaran group all the way from Trinidad who not only show cased their dancing skills but also sang. The spectators were also entertained by the melodious voices of Dr. Winston Tolan, Gam Bankersingh, Carcel Williams, the Bankersingh sisters and the Tassa Clarendon group. 

The audience was also entertained as they were able to answer fairly simple questions and win lovely prizes, many enthusiastically ran to the stage despite the mud for their chance to win. Despite the weather the day turned to be a culturally filled day that proved despite race or colour we are all united together as Jamaicans.

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