ZIP 103 FM

Your High Energy Play Station! Since our Inception on June 9, 2002, Zip 103FM has continued to reinvent the norm in Radio, nourishing our audiences listening ear with an assortment of music genres. YOUNG, DYNAMIC, FUN, REFRESHING, AND HIGH ENERGY are the hallmarks of our programming format. We are one of the two STATE OF THE ART FULLY DIGITAL radio stations in Jamaica approximately 98% effective coverage on 103.1, 103.3, 103.5, 103.7, & 103.9 Frequency Modulation, we are able to reach our target audience, wherever they are. Zip FM is committed to maintaining an international sound which the modern sophisticated listener craves, combining this with the best of our local and regional music. We offer you a steady supply of the latest in Reggae, Dancehall, Dance, Hip Hop, Techno, Reggaeton, Rock, Alternative, Soca and refreshing remixes. We have introduced to Jamaica, the first 90 seconds cutting edge Info Cast, every Hour on the Hour, 24 hours per day, changing the way news is delivered on Jamaican radio.



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