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The first ever "Singapore Reggae Festival" is a one day reggae extravaganza with a carnival atmosphere and a live music concert from 8 pm till 6 am on the 28th of November. Siloso beach at Sentosa was chosen as the venue for the first reggae festival in Singapore as it represents a perfect setting for the Singapore Reggae Festival.

The gently swaying palm trees, the balmy sea breeze and idyllic beach setting are totally in sync with a Reggae culture and music. This event will showcase renowned reggae artist from Jamaica, Africa and South East Asia.

Reggae music has its origins from Jamaica and it's style is a gentle offbeat gentle rhythm and not one of a rock concert. The music is about one love and peace with everyone no matter what background they are from. This will identify with Singapore in it being an island nation with not only a multicultural population but a country with diverse nationalities calling it home.

Reggae is not new to Singapore. Last year The Wailers were part of the F1 celebrations and performed at the Hard Rock Cafe Singapore. The Wailers were of course the band who performed with Legendary Reggae Artist, the late Bob Marley. He is still today known as the King of Reggae ! However the Singapore Reggae Festival will take this a new level and will be the first event in South East Asia.

Holding the first reggae festival at Sentosa will also prove to be an excellent draw card for tourism durning this event. As you would realize, Reggae music has huge followers in this region, namely Japan, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia. There is a very high level of interest from neighboring countries to attend this event. Aside from the successful international artists we have confirmed to perform at this year's event, we are highly honored to have Mrs. Rita Marley - the wife of the King of Reggae, the late Bob Marley to be the reggae ambassador of the night and she will be doing a tribute performance with other artiste with the legendary song "One Love". Reggae fans from all over the region will be flocking to this event just to see and hear Mrs. Rita Marley sing. There will also be a half an hour tribute to Bob Marley.
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