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Protoje signaled his homecoming to the Jamaican music scene with the release of "Resist Not Evil" on Overstand Entertainment's Militancy Riddim.

Protoje and his band, the Indiggnation, spent half of this year traveling the United States and Europe promoting his sophomore album The 8 Year Affair. Last week the artiste signaled his homecoming to the Jamaican music scene with the release of Resist Not Evil on Overstand Entertainment's Militancy Riddim.
If interpreted in the literal sense, the title may mislead the unassuming listener away from the poignant lesson in the lyrics. Resist Not Evil puts a relatable spin on turning the other cheek. The message is "do not exact revenge," Protoje explains. "I was inspired to write this song after reading verse 39 in chapter 5 of the book of Matthew. It was so simple, yet profound and relevant."
All the singles on the Militancy Riddim provoke similar introspection into peaceful but powerful resistance, and the balance of power in society. Jah Cure, Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal, Iba Mahr, Chezideck, Dre Island and King Mas are the other artistes who contributed vocals to the compilation.
Phillip "Winta" James of Overstand Entertainment, chief creative mind behind the Militancy Riddim, describes the project as an effort to create a body of music focused on social commentary. "I felt it was important to hear from the younger generation of artistes about causes and issues that provoke them to action," James commented.
"I also wanted to bring the veteran artistes and the Reggae revival generation together on this one. This kind of inter-generational collaboration is not too common right now." James is also responsible for the Rootsman Riddim.
A relative newcomer to the world of 'riddim jugglin,' Protoje elaborated on his decision to record a song on the Militancy Riddim. "I was really impressed with Rootsman [riddim] but I didn't record a song for it. When I heard the Militancy Riddim I couldn't pass second time."
Resist Not Evil is the first collaborative effort between Protoje and James, and the duo is already in studio masterminding follow up projects. The Militancy Riddim is available on iTunes and from other major online digital distributors. Fans can listen to singles free of cost on Soundcloud. The video will premiere online on Friday, November 22.

Resist Not Evil Lyrics:

Ye Resist Not Evil

Whoever shall smite thee

Will have to face the almighty

So take away my coat and my cloak

jah a me riches so me never broke

Lord I pray, please never let me lose my way 

In anything i do or say

Keep Jah in My Heart, Father shall carry i cross

How do i say it in a manner that

don't seem hype if i say we bring the banner back

Red gold green not a fad, badge of honour that

defender of the faith fi a fact we den ya pon attack

today tomorrow man a warrior nuh follow that

try put a stop to that but a just a comma dat

matter fact a so the sentence goes

i never try get revenge from these senseless foes

Me likkle bredrin touch 16

sight up the king and a adjust him dreams

Ones can't overstand a wonder what this means

develop fear in them heart and them start set fi him

him tell me, jah never make him get defeat

so him move like a gaddy and prevail pon the street

you nuh see it

a 3 shot him get fi it and him still den ya stand up pin him feet

You turn you back on the well when u done drink the water

all the quarrelling it woulda must bring disaster

fight against you brother just offending the master

them i couldn't join it woulda must kill me faster

oooh, i seen the strategy before fi drain i energy hypocrisy for sure

father please take my nemesis away from Jah premises

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