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Mixpak Presents: Inna Style N Fashion is out today! The 4 track EP features brand new voicings from young Jamaican vocalists Keida, Cee Gee, Kantana and Kari Jess, all produced by Douste

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Mixpak Presents: Inna Style N Fashion (prod. Douster) Release date: May 14th 2013

After a strong start to 2013 with Dubbel Dutch's Self Help Riddims EP, Mixpak Pressure: Volume Two and Dre Skull's 'First Time' single, Mixpak's dancehall output is about to
turn up even louder. Our first vocal EP of the year, Mixpak Presents: Inna Style N Fashion
showcases four brand new cuts from young Jamaican artists bubbling up on the island, with acclaimed French producer Douster behind the board.

Though his roster of remixes and releases is as globetrotting as his DJ gigs, Douster
has been a dancehall devotee since the golden days of Dave Kelly, dedicating his spare time to crafting riddims that have until now remained unheard. His first full Mixpak release,
Inna Style N Fashion is most certainly a product of its creator and his versatility: binding that classic dancehall sound with island pop and house, weaving in creative sampling straight from the book of Ward 21 or South Rakkas.

From King Beenie Man's MD camp comes Kantana, showing off his pitch-bending baritone voice on hardcore body-worshipping cut 'Dollar Sign', while Kari Jess throws down a perfect slow wine song, 'Like A Genie', over a sweet piano riff. Bull Bay artist Keida, comfortable on old school reggae riddims, pop hits and slack dancehall, brings the warm glow of a summer sing-a-long sound with 'Never Lose', a track that reaches for emotion and empowerment alike.

Ramping it up to 130bpm and walking the line between dancehall and house, 'Wine' is sculpted with frantic phone vibrations, stuttering interference and bells that whip the incendiary riddim into action. Cee Gee goes with the flow, delivering an energetic fast chat to match and an incentive to mek the video man see it.

Bringing together a talented young producer with bright new vocalists, this is Mixpak style n fashion.


1) Kantana - Dollar Sign 

2) Kari Jess - Like A Genie 

3) Keida - Never Lose

4) Cee Gee - Wine 

Buy on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mixpak-presents-inna-style/id639676562

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