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King Charlton firebrand has emerged as one of the profound voice of reggae alternative. Charlton McLaughlin an American born from Queens New York of Jamaican parentage; embraces his Jamaican culture; so reggae music is no stranger to him.

Charlton went viral through digital media (Youtube) with his underground music releases escalating his popularity. His sound quality and lyrical content makes him so unique. King Charlton multitalented skill fused his two passions as an artiste /producer to be mentored by one of Jamaica's greatest producer, Tony "CD" Kelly alongside hip-hop producer, Develop. He is mastering his craft by performing on local shows with his uplifting and motivational music; in around the USA for the past year. Charlton was recently awarded first place at the iStandard producers' showcase.

King Charlton is a double edge sword; bringing a refreshing, fierce and melodic vibe to the world. He tells stories of real life situations and lesson learnt troubled up-bringing, King Charlton, is the voice. King Charlton has embarked on a few new projects and is currently working with Jamaica's Mavrick Records and Producer Don Jalys from France. Together they have release a single called "Perpetual Love" on the Karukera Riddim and have up and coming projects ahead.

King is now working on material for his latest album which will include features from reggae/dancehall artists, rapper, Grafh; Matt Tramont and his mentor, legendary producer, Tony "CD" Kelly.

You can definitely anticipate great things from King Charlton.

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