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Kabaka Pyramid to release second EP "Lead The Way" on November 5th.

Kabaka Pyramid is maintaining the momentum accrued during his summer tours of Europe and the United States with the release of his Lead The Way EP. The global scope of production talent represented on Lead The Way superbly complements Kabaka's spectacular lyricism and exact delivery. The outcome is a hard-hitting selection of tunes characteristic of the artiste's potent messaging, peppered with metaphysics and spirituality, and bouyed by roots Reggae rhythms.

Out of the 13 singles on the tracklist for the deluxe edition of Lead The Way, almost half are contributed by producers from the United States, Austria and France. Jamaican producers involved in the project include Chimney Records, DJ Smurf's 12 to 12 label, Zincfence Records, Equiknoxx Music, Israel Records and Bebble Rock Music.

Collaboration at this caliber is further verification of Jamaica's global impact, and the international demand for Jamaican Reggae music. Commenting on the diversity among producers who contributed tracks to the EP, Kabaka Pyramid described the project as, "an example of how far Reggae has spread and how cross-pollination of ideas, across national borders, can bear fruit and make a positive contribution to Reggae music."

Lead The Way will be available for purchase on iTunes on November 5 and is exclusively for digital distribution. As of November 12, the compilation will be available on Amazon and other major online distributors. The 10-track standard edition will go for US$10, while the 13-track deluxe edition will cost US$13. Singles like No Capitalist, Teach Di Youths and Liberal Opposer have already been added to radio playlists internationally, and online listener statistics reveal that fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the release.

Commenting on the decision to release a second EP ahead of Kabaka Pyramid's debut album, manager and co-owner of Bebble Rock Music Abishai Hoilett stated, "the Lead The Way EP gives us space to experiment with promotional strategies and distribution channels ahead of releasing the album. It allows us to deepen relationships with our partners, so that when the album is ready for the road, it will get the attention we believe it deserves."

Tracks:- "Deluxe Version"

1. Lead the Way produced by Irievibrations (Austria)
2. Teach di Youths produced by DJ Smurf mixed by Shane Brown (JA)
3. No Capitalist produced by Chimney Records (JA)
4. This Must be Love produced by Digital Vibez (JA)
5. King Kabaka produced by Equiknoxx Music (JA)
6. Liberal Opposer produced by Green Lion (US)
7. No Cliche produced by Flash Hit Records (France)
8. Herb Defenda produced by Roots and Harmony (US)
9. Warrior produced by Zincfence Records (JA)
10. World Wide Love produced by Flash Hit Records (France)

Bonus - Choppingz produced by Equiknoxx Music (JA)
Bonus - Fly di Gate produced by Israel Records (JA)
Bonus - War,Crime and Violence produced by Union World Music (Austria)

Featured artists - Shanique Marie (3), Protoje (9), Tarrus Riley (Bonus), Masicka (Bonus)

Also in the package is the track "Get You" produced by Lewis Planter and Kabaka Pyramid. This track is not included in the EP official digital release but is available free for download to the public at soundcloud.com/bebblerock/kabaka-pyramid-get-you and is un-officially another bonus track for this project.

Kabaka Pyramid returns to the US in November for performances on the East Coast. Booking, artiste and label information are available on his official Facebook page: facebook.com/Kabakapyramid.
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