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Following the release of the video for the 'anthemic' New Name single in late 2012, Jah9 returns with Jungle – another glimpse of the singer's forward thinking, neo-roots aesthetic. 

The video itself is loosely based on heroism and centers around a prodigious child

who learns form early to honour ancestry and community. It features luminaries

within the Rastafari movement, some of them noted legends in the roots reggae genre

such as Bob Andy and Kiddus I.

This video is directed by El & Sameel Kush-I of 'DestinationRoots.com' and also

sees El Puru of 'HIMages' and Gareth Daley on DP duties. Building on the video's title,

most scenes were done in the Jones Town community

of West Kingston, also former home to Rory 'Stone Love' Gilligan.

View photo album Beyond The Scenes - Jungle

The Jungle single is of course produced by Gilligan and sees the flute from Jah9's musical

mentor, Sheldon Bernard as the lead instrument and since its release some

months ago, the track has been touted by many as one ofthe more memorable

tracks on Jah9's New Name album.

Offering her take on the video, the singer remarked that, "Jungle shows the two

sides to the story of life here in Jamaica. It reminds us that looking
beyond the 'haves and have nots' scenario there is certainly more to

life on this great island. With this video we might also shatter a few longstanding
illusions about Rastafari 'livity'  and reinforce the important role that elders play as we
look to tradition to guide and strengthen us in this present day. These are just some

of the things that I feel can determine the kind of future our youths will 

. So yes, the advantages are definitely not always material."  

Jungle will be view-able online via Jah9's youtube/facebook page on Monday, October 14.

Preview 'Jungle' here:
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