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One of the fastest rising Reggae artists out of Jamaica, Chronixx, is ready to hit the old continent, April + Summer Festivals 2014. Chronixx and Zinc Fence Redemption band will be in Europe presenting the " Dread & Terrible " Tour, alongside with two of the hottest upcoming artists out of Bob Marley´s soil. Dre Island and Kelissa.

At just 20-years old Jamaican-born artist Chronixx already has a handful of successful singles, music videos and a mixtape with Diplo's Major Lazer. This is all before he's even released a full-length album. But what makes Chronixx's early success so intriguing is the way he's done it. Spearheading a new reggae revival, Chronixx's music is heavy on unwavering positivity and a live-band sound .The result is a refreshing change of pace that just might alter the Jamaican music scene in a major way. 

With a message of acceptance and love and Rastafari being the foundation of his message it explains why the world is gravitating to his music. After two successful European tours, Chronixx hits USA, throughout their 8-date Dread and Terrible east coast tour (so named for their forthcoming EP, to be released on Chronixx's label Zinc Fence Records) which concluded on Sept. 21 in Brooklyn, Chronixx and his band have played in mostly sold-out venues averaging a capacity of 600. 

Island Records' founder (turned hotel and rum magnate) Chris Blackwell is also impressed by Chronixx, describing his music, in an email to, as "completely fresh, uplifting and very pure," adding that "it's fantastic for someone so young to be able to communicate his message in the way he does and entertain at the same time."

Dre Island is David Rodigan personal bet. The veteran mention on the BBC 1Xtra radio program:

"Rodigan´s scorcher is Dre Island´s Uptown Downtown."

One of the Reggae Revival female voices is definitely Kelissa. The recording artiste has toured Africa and is now ready for the first European run.


March 27th - HOLLAND
March 28th - OPEN/OPTION
March 29th - OPEN/OPTION
March 30th - HOLLAND
March 31st - OFF


April 1st - OPEN
April 2nd - AUSTRIA
April 4th - OPEN
April 6th - OPEN/OPTION
April 7th - OFF
April 9th - OPEN
April 10th - FRANCE
April 11th - PORTUGAL
April 12th - PORTUGAL
April 13th - OPEN
April 14th - OFF
April 15th - OPEN
April 16th - SWEDEN
April 17th - FINLAND
April 18th - DENMARK
April 19th - GERMANY
April 20th - GERMANY
April 21st - OFF 

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