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African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement's new multi-platform label Array will release its first acquisition, BETTER MUS' COME, in New York and Los Angeles on March 15.

The theatrical release will be preceded by simultaneous one-night engagements in
Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington DC, Seattle and Houston on March 13 presented by
Array partners Imagenation, Urbanworld Film Festival, BronzeLens Film Festival,
ReelBlack Film Series, Langston Hughes African-American Film Festival, Howard Film
Culture and Houston African-American Museum.

The debut feature from writer/director Storm Saulter, BETTER MUS' COME is a stunning
love story unfolding at a time when rival Jamaican gangs were enlisted by warring
political factions to disrupt the democratic process - and bloodshed was unleashed on
the streets. Winner of Best Feature Awards at Trinidad
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