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by Tanaka Roberts

Jamaicansmusic.com once again opens application for a full-tuition scholarship for students interested in studying performing arts at Excelsior Community College.

Jamaicansmusic.com is now accepting applications from individuals interested in pursuing an associate's degree in the performing arts at Excelsior Community College's School of Performing Arts (Church Street Campus). Applicants must be a first year student registered in the Performing Arts Associate Degree Programme to be eligible for the scholarship.

Last year's recipients were Safia Latchman and Jordanha Wilson.

Wilson completed her first year studies this May. She recently won a gold medal for a dub poem she wrote and performed at JCDC Speech Festival this year. She was also among a group of performing arts students who traveled to Trinidad to participate in a drama piece at a Tourism conference.

Latchman on the other hand, who finishs her degree in May expressed, "My God is a living God. I am doing well in school. I recently went to JCDC drama festival elimination rounds for a piece I wrote called "My Life" which I wrote about my life. Thanks to Jamaicansmusic.com scholarship, I would not be doing so well at school if I wasn't given the chance to continue my education. The scholarship was like my super hero, it came to my rescue just when I needed it the most. It has blessed me in such a way that I am pushing harder to become someone in life. It gave me hope to see something of my future."

With all the success that both awardees have managed to achieve since receiving the scholarship, C.E.O of Jamaicansmusic.com Alex Morrissey is even more excited about this year. As a young successful entrepreneur he takes much pride in contributing to nation building especially the creative industries. He is encouraging aspiring performers whether singer, dancer or actors to apply.

The chosen candidate will be required to be successful in all examinations, and maintain at least a B average as the scholarship may be subject to review for the second year. Please be advised that children and/or dependents of employees of Excelsior Community College and Jamaicansmusic.com are not allowed to apply for this scholarship. To apply visit: http://jamaicansmusic.com/scholarship


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