Ziggy Marley to engage in Twitter iChart with iTunes on Wednesday, April 9th Image

by Biko Kennedy

World renowned superstar, Ziggy Marley gives fans  a taste of his upcoming fifth studio album Fly Rasta on Tuesday, April 8 streamed live through iTunes 'First Look' feature. The ten track album features Reggae icon Daddy U-Roy and the Mellody Makers.

Following the First Look feature of the album the artiste engages in a twitter iChat with iTunes on Wednesday, April 9.

Speaking with Elevated Existence Marley noted: 

"The goal [of the album] was to extend the boarders of the music and to explore the universe of music more – to be as creative as possible with it. I don’t say there is a theme, but a lot of the songs have to do with overcoming difficulties and obstacles, and the song “I Don’t Want to Live on Mars,” focuses on the environment.

The biggest difference is the knowledge I put into the record. The music is a natural progression taking different experiences and knowledge – everything I’ve learned in between this time and the time of the last record is expressed in this record and that includes knowledge. I’ve learned a lot more about music, songwriting and expressing myself, and have been through different experiences that the songs are based on. It’s more adventurous, progressive, and a step forward. I’m always trying to step forward, and I never want to repeat myself."

A number of national television appearances are scheduled for April and May to support the album including The Late Show with David Letterman on April 29th, The Queen Latifah Show on May 1st, Real Time with Bill Maher on May 2nd and Conan on May 5th

Check out latest release Moving Forward below;

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