Ziggy Marley shares his 'Personal Revolution' with Jimmy Kimmel Image

by Biko Kennedy

Filling Jimmy Kimmel's studios with good Rastafarian vibrations, Ziggy Marley appeared on the popular late night television show on February 28th.

Performing cuts from his 2011 album Wild and Free, Marley gave an energetic and spiritually satisfying performance of 'Personal Revolution' and 'Tomorrow People'.

The five-time Grammy-winning musician, actor, humanitarian, artist and activist is currently promoting his latest project, Ziggy Marley in Concert - a collection of live recordings from his 2012 Wild and Free World Tour. The album, which was released digitally on iTunes December 18th 2012 before its worldwide physical release on January 15, 2013, conveys Marley's overall message of love, liberty, hopefulness and challenge.

Following the much-talked-about Grammy performance with brother Damian Marley, Bruno Mars, Sting and Rihanna, Ziggy is on the verge of releasing the hardcopy and iTunes version of his chil

dren's book entitled 'I Love You Too' (set for a March 7th release). The title of the book comes from Ziggy's 2009 Children album Family Time (with track 2 bearing the same name), which earned him the Grammy Award in 2010 for Best Musical Album for Children.

Marley is quoted as saying "This book is close to my heart because it was a spontaneous exchange between me and my then 3 year old daughter Judah. It expresses something so true; it should be repeated as often as possible."

See Ziggy perform Personal Revolution here

See Ziggy perform Tomorrow People here

Check out his children's book here

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