Ziggy Marley embarks on summer tour, readies 8th album Image

by Biko Kennedy

While Ziggy Marley is currently making final preparations for an upcoming tour in Canada for this summer, he plans on returning to the studios to record new material for his upcoming album; a follow-up to 2011's 'Wild and Free'.

"I am now in pre-production for the album which should be ready sometime next year. I am putting together a list of musicians, and trying to get Sly and Robbie to lay down some tracks for me," he recently told the Jamaica Observer.

This will be his eighth solo album and follows on work he did with his siblings as leader of the group Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.

Marley explains in an interview with The Star Phoenix that the album will deal with the theme of personal triumph over adversity as "A lot of people are going through hard times right now." 

"I've written a few songs based on some of my experience with adversity and overcoming it. And there are some fun songs on there, too. I'm not overthink-ing what it's going to be, it is what it is," he said.

This forward-thinking vibe will be filled with numerous experimentations — moving in a different direction while maintaining that authentic Reggae foundation.

"We always want to expand our reach, get more people listening and in that way help the music progress and keep the spirit of Reggae alive," the Jamaica Observer noted Marley as saying.

As for the summer tour, Marley is bringing along nine musicians to create a big sound on stage. The group plays a genre beloved by people all over the world, even those who live far from Reggae's roots in Jamaica. 

Marley told The Star Phoenix that the style has such a broad appeal because it's about feeling good and bringing people together. At his live shows, the message is one of love.

"We try for something that is kind of spiritual and get people grooving, dancing, feeling good and also giving them something to think about with the words that we're singing," he explains. "If they want to experience something in addition to being entertained then it is a good experience. They can see something different, feel something different, hear something different and get food for their brains."

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