Yasus Afari shares a 'Public Secret' Image

by Biko Kennedy

Now releasing his eighth studio album, the Jamaican edutainer and dub poet, Yasus Afari, offers a 15-track compilation which plays as a continued track of a 'Public Secret'; available everywhere June 11th.

"In preparing Public Secret, my goal was to create original, inspirational, uplifting and empowering music of peace, love, hope and unity, which is relevant and accessible to all humanity," explained Afari in a press release, continued saying:

"I hope to touch people's lives and souls in a personal and profound way, so that together we can move onward and upward in bringing awareness into the public space, and love and harmony into the secret, sacred space of our individual and collective souls.""

Yasus Afari is hailed in the reggae world as one of the best edutainers, whose wit and insights skillfully merge serious messages with Jamaica's trademark sense of humor, resulting in laughter, learning and love.

"Reggae-dub performance poetry is an emerging art form and genre, which possesses the capacity and intention to dub out negativity from our minds, cultures, lives and the public space, and to dub in positivity into the family of nations, which is humanity," explains Yasus Afari.

With a rich history of refusing to conform to social norms, Afari is determined to educate and enlighten the masses through his unique brand of entertainment.

"My role in this process is, and has always been, to provide awareness, visions and insights and to build bridges of friendship and goodwill, so as to make this objective of reggae-dub poetry a tangible, living reality," concludes Yasus Afari.

You can order it on iTunes here.


1. Poetree Caan Nyam
2. Wine Pon Paper
3. Let's Talk New York
5. Ring Pon Comedy
6. Guidance
7. Four Eyes Mek Two
8. Woman To Love
9. Yu Gud Enoh
10. Do Good
11. Guidance Dub
12. Dub Wine
13. Woman Dub
14. Dub New York
15. The ISUS Dub

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