Will.i.am taps Dancehall for new single Image

by Biko Kennedy

Multi-Grammy Award-winning artiste and producer Will.i.am latest single It's My Birthday featuring Cody Wise, finds Aidonia raspy vocals reciting some of the lyrics from his hit record Fi Di Jockey with Bounty Killer chanting "Big Ship sailing"...a random sampling yes, but a great step in boosting both artistes' careers nonetheless.

"People have been reaching out to me on social media congratulating me. Jockey was one of the hardest songs to voice because I was experimenting a new sound that I had never done in dancehall. So I knew it would have been a hit and the vibe would be different," Aidonia explains to The Jamaica Star.

"Since the release of the official video, it has been getting crazy views. My fans all over the world have been tweeting me and messaging me on my instagram about my voice being used as a sub chorus. I just want to big up Will.i.am for appreciating dancehall music," he continued while Fi Di Jockey producer, Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor, expressed to The Jamaica Observer "It's definitely a great look when an international artiste samples your work. It shows that there's potential for our music. It just felt like it would be something special. Whenever I work with Aidonia, the results are usually good."

Check out the official video for Fi Di Jockey below:

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