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After social sharing platforms helped revolutionise the way people accessed music across the world it also meant that the market became saturated with a lot of substandard music. With many music fans deciding to spend their money on digital music as opposed to venturing out and experiencing live performances that may be a little less cost-effective.

Even though such economical disarray calls for budgeting that shouldn’t mean passing up the live entertainment in Jamaica, altogether. Especially when our music scene offers a bevvy of live venues, most notably in Kingston offering the best in reggae artists.

Recently there has been some interesting developments regarding live entertainment in the nation’s capital as an announcement by Celebration Jamaica Limited detailed plans to build the first licensed casino in the county. Although the casino itself will take around three years to complete, the founder of the company, Robert Trotta has been clear that one of its main goals will be to offer a host of live entertainment to its patrons upon completion.

Trotta, told Jamaica Observer: “the complex will consist of 1,000 rooms, full service casinos, an entertainment complex, restaurants and bars.”

The casino’s “entertainment complex” will look to bring their patrons a Vegas-style atmosphere whilst still showcase the best in Jamaican acts especially in the live music that they will be offering. Thus, giving many of the country’s best new musicians a new live setting to showcase their acts.

The resort will be largely based on the business models of the successful Las Vegas hotels, taking into consideration the wealth of entertainment that casinos now offer in a bid to diversify their portfolios since the uprising of online portals that took prominence in 1996 through the groundbreaking InterCasino. Since then many learned that the only way to survive such perilous economic times was to offer patrons the best in live entertainment.

Which begs the question: is this a positive sign for the Kingston music scene? Absolutely.

Hopefully upon completion we will see many of the acts we so often blog about performing at the casino, and getting the column inches they deserve from the national press and beyond. You only have to look at the prestigious MGM Grand’s music venue the Grand Garden Arena and its regular listings and dream of what our soon-to-be built casino could potentially offer our community and music scene.

What do you think of the announcement? And would you pay to see some of the country’s best talent at the casino? Let us know your thoughts below.
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