What does the name Bob Marley mean to you? Image

by Biko Kennedy

With a name that's seemingly written amongst the galaxy's night sky since his birth, Bob Marley's image and name has become synonymous with superstardom; a poster icon of Reggae music and of course a man with a commoving yet polarizing presence that redefined music and culture as we know it.

Though the passage of time often produces selective memory, the name Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley means many things to many people; Philosopher, Prophet, unwilling to do what he didn't want.

But to most of our generation, Bob is an icon whose voice was only fair with music that drizzled out of him defying normalcy, and with the truth underlined in his music he rattled the world effortlessly.

A verbal newspaper who symbolized freedom, Bob danced on the cusp of truly uniting the world, still chained to the ignorance of reckless thoughts; "mental slavery" as he puts it.

But today we ask: what does the name Bob Marley truly mean to you?

Hear what the man himself thought his name represented:

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