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by Biko Kennedy

Runkus, son of well renowned recording artiste Determine and ever so proud mother Paula, has been in the watchful eyes of many. Since his release of his much applauded pre-mixtape entitled “All in a Day” in the summer of 2012, Runkus has certainly come a long way with his future lokking brighter than ever.

Starting his own band, aptly called Runkus and the Old Skl Band, with Scot Leslie (lead guitar), Jonathon Pearson (drums),. Brandon Fullwood (bass guitar) and  Jack “the Alien” as on keys, Runkus started the kind of musical endeavors that he’s been longing for; performing live and recording live music. With that said in 2013, he performed on a lot of live shows including Relay for Life” for the cancer society and Keesing Live opening for Rootz Underground. He, his band and his assiduous team also managed to put on a school tour entitled “Live Music Lives Skl Tour” performing along with the uprising band Lethal Audio. They performed in various schools such as Wolmer’s High School for Girls, St. Andrews High School for Girls, Immaculate Conception High School and Hillel to name a few. They also managed to put on a successful live show at JoJo’s Jerk Pit called Live Music Lives. 

After performing in Jamaica for a while, Runkus set out with his father Determine to Florida where remarkable opportunities aroused like performing in Club Gaby’s and other local clubs. Whilst in Florida, the opportunity for him to meet to Ky-mani Marley through affiliations with his father presented itself. They met at Tony Kelly’s studio and in the event, Runkus got signed to Ky-mani Marley’s label Konfrontation Muzik Group where he’s set to work on an album with the Maestro himself. 

Runkus described the opportunity as welcoming and more like he was “welcomed into a family” rather than a record label. Ky-mani took him to California with him to perform on a tremendous show with Big Mountain and Maxi Priest to name a few at the Hollywood Casino. He also recorded a few tracks whilst abroad, one with Kj Marley entitled Souljah which will be featured on his mixtape “Welcome Paula Son”.

Now back in the island after being gone for a while, Runkus works on his mixtape with his band and his production team Kimani Smith and Roel “Riddimisist” Powell, more known as Majah Label MusicGroup doing music the way he has always dreamed of…Live. The mixtape “Welcome Paula Son”  scheduled for release in mid February features some amazing musicians and close respectable idrens of Runkus such as, Kj Marley, Eva, Chris Matic, Lethal Audio (Blukid & J Stone), Stephen Newland from Rootz Underground, Laza Morgan, his father Determine, Ky-Mani Marley and the Most High Jah on every track.

The humbling name Paula Son was captured from a song Runkus and Majah Label did earlier last year entitled “Paula Son”. He believes this is the ideal way of introducing himself to the world as he doesn’t consider himself anything other than Paula Son, ?l tegereg” and also “Determine boi”. This stemming from the love of his family is really humbling as he’s spending a lot of time on this piece of work as it is the first for the year and also the first since he’s been signed. Nevertheless Runkus is Runkus and you can expect nothing pure joy and love from this mixtape. In the words Paula Son “live to love and love to live”.

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