Wayne Wonder takes patrons on 90s road trip Image

by Tanaka Roberts

Wayne Wonder headlined this week's Behind The Screen Series held at Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records on Tuesday, March 5th

With the massive turn out and raving review Shaggy, Rayvon, Red Fox and GC managed to attain at last week's staging of the Behind the Screen Series, of course they would be a tough act to follow. It would take a real performer with and exceptional catalogue to impress. Wayne Wonder proved to be the right man for the job.

From the very first chord struck by Tantrum Band, Wonder had Tracks and Records in his palms. Despite of his recent album release, he opted for a more nostalgic dancehall experience drawing for his slew of 90s hits, "JoyRide" "Saddest Day of My Life" "Searching" and "I Don't Know Why" among them. Whether it was with sweet lyrics for the ladies or the more rugged dj flow for his male audience, at some point or another every patron was singing along. Although the set lasted no longer than an hour, it was a classic example of Jamaican music at its prime.

For many it had been quite a while since they've seen the performer live. Tuesday night's performance was strong reminder of his significant contribution to one of our more revered eras. Beres Hammond, Tony Rebel, Anthony Red Rose and several members of the music fraternity were among the satisfied patrons at the end of the show.

The artiste is now in the process of promoting his new album "My Way"

Dancehall- reggae group T.O.K will perform at next week's staging of the series.
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