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by Biko Kennedy

Positioning himself with the Marley's Ghetto Youth International label, Wayne Marshall's musical uprise seems inevitable…as evidently shown at the recently staged Reggae Sumfest.

Currently promoting his first official single, I Know, from his upcoming album Tru Colours, Wayne Marshall noted that "[this isn't] typically a [Junior] Gong feel of riddim but it's more like a rub-a-dub [beat] reminiscent of a Welcome to Jamrock type of bassline; authentic Dancehall at a time when the sound was just boasy and almost arrogant with spitting bars."

Speaking on Winford Williams' OnStage, the entertainer spoke on his newly born son, Jaxen Benjamin Mitchells, his upcoming Ghetto Youth International debut album and his next moves in catapulting his name to the forefront of Jamaicans' music.

"It was down by King Jammy's studios – which is the home of my musical career – I always have a special vibration when I'm there," opened Marshall to Williams about the inception of the Go Hard single.

"We were just vibing some riddims and right away [when I heard the beat] I just jumped of 'from yuh seh hard we go hard and dun' and the lyrics just flowed…I was feeling like it could be one of those Hip Hop-hybrid-cross over Dancehall vibrations that could have a lot of 'big league' artistes flowing on it and going hard and dun. So right away we brought the idea to Gong and he was all in…thumbs up. "

Check out his full-length interview below:

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