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by Biko Kennedy

Arguably one of Jamaica's most prolific lyricists in the past decade, Vybz Kartel's voice has been looked at as the scapegoat of the underprivileged by the 'upper echelon' of Jamaica but by the underprivileged heralded as the untainted truth coming from the ghetto

"My music is the reflection of the broader society...without a violent society we wouldn't have violent music...art is an expression of life…" echoes Vybz Kartel's voice at the end of his single Mr. Broadcast Commission (Anuh My Music), which seems to be the underlining theme of this latest project dubbed The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto – Incarcerated But Not Silenced (Roots & Culture); also the title of his book released last year

Released July 7th, the album comprises of a compilation of previously released songs structured in a way that paints the image of the 'haves' and 'have-nots' being continuously at odds.

Laced with narrative/interludes by Jamaican Observer writer Louis Moyston, the LP shines Kartel as a modern social activist for the underprivileged in a culture that seemingly doesn't care about them.

Take a listen of the compilation below; 

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