Tour De Force gives us an 'Old Time Love' with EP Image

by Biko Kennedy

Following the release of their summer tune "Pool Party", Brooklyn-based production duo and sound system culture activists Tour De Force (TDF) returns with "Old Time Love", the second single from their upcoming full length album "Battle Cry".

The track is complemented by three remixes from forward-thinking bass music producers Digitaldubs (Brazil), Roommate (USA) and Tour De Force's own Double Tiger.

Featuring heartfelt vocals by Jay Spaker, Old Time Love is a soulful yet uptempo track, layering an R&B groove onto heavy dub reggae skank with a hint of dubstep. Spaker's lyrics are reminiscent of lost love, invoking a dreamy headspace while the driving beat keeps feet dancing.

Double Tiger contributes a heavyweight interpretation of Old Time Love, while Digitaldubs reinvents it in a classic UK Dub fashion characterized by its ubiquitous 4X4 steppers beat and thunderous digital bass. Dubstep pioneer and ambassador Roommate maintains the integrity of the vocals and style, offsetting them with sub bass and metallic skank for dance-floor vibes.

Custom-tailored for the sound system, Old Time Love EP illustrates TDF's unique production style and affinity for the low end as they build bridges between genres—and musical communities.

Preview Old Time Love EP on Soundcloud below. The digital release will be available on iTunes and Beatport December 3rd, 2013 and the album to follow soon after.


1. Tour de Force - Old Time Love (Feat. Jay Spaker)
2. Double Tiger - Old Time Love Refix
3. Digitaldubs - Old Time Love Remix
4. Roommate - Old Time Love Remix

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