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by Tanaka Roberts will be premiering the video for Wrong Number, a playful collaboration by the dynamic fusion group Voicemail and songbird Alaine on Friday, 6th April.

The video was shot in Munich, Germany and tells the tale of admirers in a club who mistakenly exchange wrong contact information while "under the influence". Wrong Number is one of the first singles to be released from "The Journey Continues" (Vol. 1) mix-tape by the group. 

After tragically losing a member of the trio, Oniel Edwards, the mix-tape represents the will of Voicemail, the musical entity, to continue pressing forward in their musical quest or 'journey'. "Oniel would never have wanted us to stop," expressed Jerome Jackson, one of the remaining two, further proclaiming, "Voicemail is still here and strong."  He explained that the mix-tape was a symbol of appreciation for their fans who have kept them motivated to create new music as a group in the face of their afflictions. According to Jackson, 'The Journey Continues' is a rich blend of Dancehall, Reggae, R&B and House music with an added dash of "spice". 

This diverse collection of songs showcase the many facets of the group especially that which is experienced by their international fan base. It is therefore particularly geared towards Jamaicans who mostly see the dancehall side of the group than anything else. In effect they hope to wet appetites and get everyone pumped for the expected release of their fifth studio album 'Next Level' this summer. The first volume of the mix-tape also includes a collaboration called 'Party is Life' featuring Agent Sasco and will be made available next week. 
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