'The Genesis' leaves sounds of Roots Reggae coursing through your veins Image

by Biko Kennedy

The Genesis is surely as close to perfection as an artiste's debut could possibly get; with it containing hardly any weak moments throughout its entirety, embodying the epitome of a classic Reggae album.

Album: The Genesis
Artiste: Pentateuch Band
Label: Boot Camp Records
Genre: Roots Reggae
Release Date: October 27, 2012

About the band: Having Kevor Williams on lead vocals, Andrew Ayre on bass, Brady Robinson on drums, Andrade Bowen on keyboards and Gath Forrester on Guitars, Pentateuch first surfaced on everyone's radar with the single 'Black Face'. With their awe-inspiring and fresh sound the band has quickly garnered a mass following and is poised to keep the torch of Roots Reggae blazing hotter than ever before. Armed with socially conscious lyrics, unforgettable melodic hooks and soul-stirring live performances, their music is soul food and their messages are irresistible.

Thoughts on the album: With drum and bass colored with funky keys, a rhythm that rolls with rocking vocals from lead singer Kevor Williams, the album dares you to keep up with it. From the Africa-longing, soulful drenched vocals throughout the opening track 'Going Home' to the melodically reflectiveness of 'Unwritten', the tracklist features a consistently strong, distinct presence in the album's entirety. The lyrical content being nothing less than straightforward, fuelled by a driving beat that is all reinforced by Andrew Ayre's bass lines, this 14 track opus makes it easy to picture these guys whipping a late-night festival crowd into a frenzy; music you feel through your frame without a distracting vocal line, allowing you to sense the next direction. With Pentateuch's uncanny knack of changing texture, tone and time precisely when you least expect it, will leave listeners in anticipation of what they have to offer next. As to what you could look forward to on a sophomore project, only they instinctively knows where they're going next.

Standout Tracks: Unwritten, Time Bomb, Changed Girl

Going Home
Black Face
Struggles of Africa
Lazy Bones
Cancer Survivor
Armageddon Time
Time Bomb
Will You Be There
Changed Girl
Nothing but Love

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