The Buju Banton Drug Trail Image

by Mallory Douglas

So it would be out right dastardly to kick off my very first blog with-out mentioning Gargamel himself or better known to some as Buju Banton. 

As a legend, not just in reggae but music in general, it's a sad state of affairs to see him on his last leg. For years there had been talk as to his drug use and eradict behavior but after reading portions of the court documents I just wonder to myself "Buju how did we get here?" What happened? Was there no one to step in and intervene to save his reputation?
With many allegations and variations to the story the fact is the fans could honestly care less of his verdict or his habits. Go on any site and free Buju is plastered on all of the walls as some organizing campaigns to raise money to bring Banton back to Jamaica. For the sake of music I'm going to need Buju to get it together! Music needs him but we, the fans, need him to have the decency to get his act tog tether or keep it together enough where his habits can stay behind closed doors.

Now, I'm not one to condone drug usage but many artist, some you would never expect, need and crave that high to stay on top of their artistic game, but not many are actually aspiring to be the next Pablo Escobar. I'm with the masses "Free Buju" but get him some help along with it. We need him back in the studio make hit songs not slinging drugs in the street-real talk.
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