Tessanne Chin ready to share 'Hideaway' moments on 'The Voice' Image

by Biko Kennedy

With a voice that effortlessly flies you away pass the moon and the stars and lands in a world that revolves her heart, Tessanne's unquestionable talent deserves international recognition. So what better way to garner this recognition than through a blockbuster vocal competition aired on a pioneering network?

News of her entry broke on Tuesday, September 3rd, when Chin took to social media expressing her elation.

"The way I see it, I really have nothing to lose. It is an amazing show and I can only broaden my horizons if I am successful. I see it as a kind of reinvention of myself... I can only benefit," Chin explained to The Jamaica Observer in a recent interview. "I have always dreamed big, and while I am proud of all my accomplishments in Jamaica, I have always wanted to make it internationally. The exposure I could get from The Voice would really be a foot in the door."

Due to confidentiality clauses associated with the show Chin isn't able to give much more information regarding the show and her placement, but she did cite Shaggy as her main influencer in entering the competition.

"Shaggy suggested it, and I have to give him props for that. He thought it was a really good way to showcase my talent to a much wider audience.

"I can only be true to myself. I always sing from the heart and hope that my audience feels whatever I am singing. It's not just about a 'buss', it's what I can learn from the experience. What a great training ground this could be for me, and, like I said, an evolution for myself as an artiste."

The new season of 'The Voice' will premiere on Monday, September 23 where we will see Tessanne's audition…stay tuned!

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