Tarrus Riley plans to take 'One Drop' to 'The Limit' Image

by Biko Kennedy

Using his velvet-vocal-caress to captivate the world over, Tarrus Riley's mission is simply: "I want [to hold the attention of] all the ears in the world."

With his current hit single Gimmi Likkle One Drop slowly climbing on varying charts around the world, Tarrus Riley continues to ooze pure Reggae music while placing hints of new elements throughout his songs; showcased clearly in his latest single To the Limit

"It's a season to season song," intimates Riley during a recent sit-down with Winford Williams' on OnStage. "The song is called To the Limit but you can call it Hurry Up and it's a real nice love song, you know love is lovely and war is ugly and a great song for the lovers. It's a different kind of styled rhythm and it's the first single we're putting out since the link-up with Juke Boxx so I like it."

The reggae crooner noted that "I would really hope that they are listening to the message and the melody [within the songs].

"All over the world you'll hear people saying 'We want to hear the sunshine music, we want to hear the one drop music' and Tarrus Riley has been giving you that since day one."

You can watch his interview OnStage below:

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