Taking a trip down memory lane with Reggae Sumfest Image

by Biko Kennedy

With the countdown to the 21st anniversary of 'The Greatest Reggae Show on Earth' steadily ticking away with 45 days remaining until festivities begin, we take a visual rollercoaster ride throughout the years like no other.

Ever since that one euphoric Wednesday night, August 11, 1993 at the then Bob Marley Entertainment Complex, the face of Reggae Festivals has never been the same when Reggae Sumfest came to be.

Who could forget the moment when Luciano kept everyone on their toes as 'The Messiah' spread his compelling messages or when Bunny Wailer took revellers to the Ballroom Floor while Burning Spear reiterated how Marcus Garvey's word has come to pass?

Better yet when Spice simply dazzled the crowd with her extreme outfits as Lady Saw radiates as the 'Queen of the Dancehall' she is while Baby Cham reminisced on his Ghetto Story and Elephant Man took every to dancing school.

It goes without saying you haven't experienced a true Reggae Festival until you've been mesmerized by Reggae Sumfest.

Take a trip down memory lane with The Reggae Sumfest story, a performance-collage, below:

Reggae Sumfest Story from Touchstone Productions.

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