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by Biko Kennedy

With each track embodying a complexly arranged yet sonically pleasing identity, Sezi’s Slow Burn EP whispers to a new dawn of creative expression that guides you to a dreamland of unparalleled wonders. In this track-by-track review we hurdle Sezi’s lyrical prowess with a little help from the chanteuse to decode the tracks’ individual stories.

 1. Say It Aint So - Painted across an electronic-guitar-laced backdrop, the single waltzes to Reggae drum patterns and baselines while drifting occasionally to an Alternative-Rock touch. Sezi’s vocals echo with undying passionate; pulling you closer with every note and daring you to listen further. Not very often do you come across female vocalists who’ll allow the musicality of the untapped instruments to drive her lyrical compositions; but Sezi proves to be just that.

Sezi: “This song is about letting go of something that no longer serves you although you love it with all of your heart. Ironically, I wrote this song when I was in love. It’s about heart break but from a place of confidence acceptance and strength. It’s vulnerable but powerful at the same time. I think everybody has a story like this…someone/ something they had to let go of that they love.”

2. I Will Grow - 
Opening with an ominous, haunting undertone before building into a bravado chorus, the single picks up from the theme riddled in Say It Ain’t So and runs with it. Sezi is arguably a masterful writer - having her singles sketching vivid/relatable pictures while effortlessly taking you on a aural journey like no other. The beauty in her tracks lay in the fact that the opening lines tend to instantaneously grab your attention, casting you in medias reas (into the midst of things) without question or hesitation. Coincidence or Intentional? Either way it works!

Sezi: “Diamonds become beautiful from pressure. Sometimes being under the pressure of feeling contained, boxed in, is where your best efforts come from because you push so hard to free yourself and then have continue moving and thriving. My favorite line from this song is “I know that love is here to set me free” Free love is the only real love. So if the love ain’t free, it ain’t for me! =)


3. That’s All - The laid-back feel to this track will suggest that Sezi is at her vocal best when the tempo drops - as it allows for her range to soar higher - but singles such as these are meant for you to simply breathe a little while acknowledging her musical diversity. The single spins representative of R&B in it’s glory days when women didn’t just sing but,  sang songs telling tales so cinematic it could be developed into a movie.  The cohesive nature of the project thus far display Sezi’s attempt to not drown the Slow Burn EP with ballad clich?s but reveal a glimpse to the depths of her eclectic influencers.

Sezi: “I was inspired to write this after losing a loved one. Death is one of the only thing we know for sure yet every time it happens to someone we cherish it rocks our worlds. You almost never really stop missing them. But you know they aren’t far away and that they guide and protect you. And the more you acknowledge this is the more guidance you are able to receive. This song was all about knowing that even if you never see or speak to someone again they are still connected to you on an energetic level…that never stops. That’s all.

4. Million Eyes - An experimental single with a vocal warmth caressing synth keys, Million Eyes signals Sezi pushing production boundaries into more complex territories while sprinkling her take on the endless possibilities of what it means to take musical risks. Bring the EP to a fitting close but leaves just enough room for you to yearn for more.

Sezi: “Sometimes you just want to disappear and for time to stop so you can sort out your thoughts, sort out your feelings. But that’s not how it goes. Time waits for no man. Million Eyes is about not being in your comfort zone and being terrified of what’s to come and feeling like you have so many people to prove yourself to…so many eyes! The sky has to be dark for the stars to shine. When I discovered my dark sky, I discovered my how bright I could shine.

The Slow Burn EP is now available on iTunes to download and trust us it's a musical journey you'll keep on repeat for quite some time! You can check out previews of each track below:

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