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by Biko Kennedy

Whenever you see or hear of a 'Sly & Robbie' imprinted release, you can immediate predict that you'll be in for a thrilling musical ride and long-time Taxi Gang member Guillaume "Stepper" Briard promises just that with his debut album.

The story begins in Paris during the 80's, when the young Guillaume hones his skills at several instruments with various formations. During a trip to Jamaica he got his nickname "Stepper," and met some of the artistes he will tour and record with for years at end. Sly & Robbie opened their vaults for Stepper, who picked and chose classic riddims and brand new Jamaican sessions for this debut album. 

In his selection, Stepper chose with arrowed precision. The riddims are sonically incomparable with their elastic and timeless touch from the 'Riddim Twins' all superbly mixed and mastered by French mixing engineer Fabwise; the rising star of dubmasters. Creating wavy melodies over the production, Stepper shines with his saxophone; gingerly showcasing the depth of his creative-ear. With the scarcity of instrumental albums being release nowadays, Sly & Robbie presents Stepper takes the taxi welcomes back an era of Reggae music much loved and appreciated with Stepper forging ahead as one of the leaders of the pack.

You can order it on Amazon and iTunes now.

1. Fistfull Of Horns 
2. Occupy Downtown  
3. Frenchman In Kingston
4. Taxi To Paris
5. Stepping Revolution  
6. Cool Ruling  
7. Taxi Tune Up
8. Horns Of Kings  
9. Imminent Danger  
10. Pimp My Cab  
11. Matera Lounge

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