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by Biko Kennedy

Art-making visionaries, captivators of an acoustic Reggae World sound, thought provokers. Words typically used by the average fan to describe the embodiment of a band, the band which depicts their sound as 'celestial mind medicine'.

Entering the odd genre of Reggae Alternative in hope of satisfying the appetite of their Jamaican audience, they set off in pursuit of happiness, not for that stereotypical 'Reggae' sound, but of a happiness which one day may be considered as a musical evolution.

Comprising of members Simon Samuel, Rasheed McCallum, Mathew Thompson, Suane Brown and Craig Cole, wanting to uplift a different side of music's embrace, Sky Grass (formerly known as Blu Grass in the Sky) was born. "We neva rejected Reggae, it was a natural progression [to alternative] and it'll mostly appear alternative because [our music] start off with guitar music and on a song by song basis there are so many different rhythms out and it's really hard to narrow it down, but I guess reggae alternative is the best way to describe it," intimates the svelte lead vocalist Simon Samuel.

A Metaphor to Heaven

Bridging earths' motion emotions with a heavenly hold, the bands' unusual yet appealing title emerged from a love song reaching limitless capabilities and riding an endless possibility. "It's really just describing this dreamlike experience," says singer/songwriter/guitarist Simon, "at the end of the day it really comes to creating your own reality, bringing your dreams about and just a good feeling."

Many believe that song lyrics are poetry. From a scholastic point of view, that statement can be seen as valid; however from a musical position, the claim is false. The academic standpoint tends to centre on 'high art' music, and in that case, song lyrics are much more poetic than in the popular music world. In popular music, poems are separate art forms to lyric writing.

"Before I started writing songs, most of my material were poems, where yuh nuh; yuh write a poem for a girl," Simon recalls chuckling at the thought, "and having her blushing and feeling differently about you after reading it and growing up having a deep love for music it was fairly easy to transition from poetry to songs, and at the end of it all describing our sound as celestial is just another metaphor to heaven."

Though still unsigned to a record label, Sky Grass has opened the minds of many persons sending quakes of shivers throughout their hearts with a slew of witty lyrics from songs such as Get Closer, Daughter of the Moon, Rivers, High Grade Love and King of My Destiny with the most recent single Dusty Shoes, garnering much attention.

With everyday experiences as their key motivation for varying songs that are so tailor-made to blend in seamlessly with modern radio, Sky Grass proves without trying that the barriers of music can never be limited, with the right combination of talent and understanding that success is made of the persons who are willing to do and dare, the band is determined to be that calculated hit-making machine.

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