Skrillex to DJ at Major Lazer Live in Jamaica Image

by Jordan Delahaye

Prince of Dubstep, Skrillex to join Major Lazer in Jamaica this December.

The local party circuit has been buzzing since Major Lazer announced it was hosting another concert here in Jamaica (it's second one this year). This time the "rave to end all raves" will have a bigger production and is slated to take place at the New Mas Camp in Kingston.

And if Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire on one stage wasn't enough, the Major Lazer camp announced on Wednesday that the prince of dubstep, Skrillex, will be joining the ranks. He's only 25 years old but this multitalented musician is no novice, having already won six GRAMMY awards. 

December 20 will see history in the making as the international music icon will be playing on Jamaican soil for the very first time. "We play alongside Skrillex all over the world and earlier this year we were all talking backstage and telling him how dope the JA show was. So I told him he should definitely come to our next one and he immediately said "hell yes". From that day it's been in planning. This is history in the making for Jamaica and everyone," Major Lazer's Jamaican front man, Walshy Fire, revealed.

Skrillex is no stranger to Jamaican culture however as many Jamaicans might already know him for his collaboration with Damian "Junior Gong" Marley on "Make it Bun Dem" and his Bangarang EP is said to incorporate some ska elements. 

The electro-house musician will surely receive a warm welcome as Jamaica has developed a thriving EDM fan base with various EDM/house concerts being hosted all over the island this year. 

The Major Lazer Live concert already promises a one of a kind party experience as Major Lazer is known for going all out when it comes to production but having Skrillex in the lineup is no doubt a major bonus. Fans are definitely excited as the Skrillex announcement incited a social media frenzy but Walshy Fire also revealed that there are still more surprises in store.

Presold tickets to the event are already sold out.
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