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by Biko Kennedy

Returning with his 70th album, Sizzla's The Messiah has been described as a "spiritually-conscious album", as he embarks on another chapter in his 22-year-long career.

The singjay, born Miguel Collins, has hopped between Reggae genres and dabbled in hardcore Dancehall effortlessly throughout the years, wrapping his signature energetic deliveries with each release. His ability to constantly deliver powerful, soul-touching performances and produced-songs, Sizzla explained in an interview with The Gleaner, comes from a meta-physical bond he has with his fans and his desire for reaching out to the wider community. And he does just this with his latest effort.

Indecisive as to whether to purchase the album or not? You can stream the entire album below courtesy of VP Records and loving what you've heard, you can get it on iTunes now.

Release date : May. 28, 2013
Label : VP Record/ Kalonji Music

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