Shaggy sits with The Breakfast Club talks Jamaican culture/new album Image

by Biko Kennedy

With 'Out of Many One Music' now in stores, Shaggy is doing all his press rounds in the states before heading to Kingston, Jamaica for a block party release. One of his many stops was at The Breakfast Club Power105.1, speaking candidly about the project and varied topics.

Speaking with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God, Shaggy drew a few comparisons between Kingston, Jamaica and Flatbush Brooklyn, NY noting that the creative and livelihood are really parallel.

"Kingston [Jamaica] to me, reminds me of Flatbush [Brooklyn] in a way. Everything is like a ten minute walk. Everything I need in Kingston is happening. Seven days a week, there is something to do. There's a party. There's a street dance. There's something going on in Kingston."

"I've sold millions of records, you ain't never seen me with a bodyguard. I go to any hood anywhere because I ain't about beef. I'm good. If it do come down [to it] I'll fight."

As for the Out of Many One Music collaborative album with Sly and Robbie Shaggy explains that "Jamaica comes with a credibility factor but for me it's wherever you are and the team that you have…we as Reggae we're the underdog so that makes it interesting."

Check out the entire interview below:

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