Shabba Ranks waves his 'Emperor' flag, demands the best for Dancehall Image

by Biko Kennedy

"Don't let no one sleep on your dreams…don't let someone who is dreaming nightmares let you wake up in disaster…go for yours, do it to the best of your ability and you will obtain nothing more than solid life," passionately spoke an animated Shabba Ranks in hopes of inspiring a curious listening ear.

Since the BET Awards ceremony on Sunday, June 30th, word was Shabba Ranks and Patra were to be a part of the Dancehall segment of the live performances; but they didn't book the gig for varying reasons.

Patra opened up to Winford Williams as to why she thought her presence at the ceremony was approached in a wrongful manner, now Shabba speaks out.

"BET called me and they wanted me to be a part of their award show but I had prior engagements," explains the deejay. "So I asked them what is the criteria for me to be there and they said four/five persons and I would share stage time and I said to myself Shabba Ranks, winner of two Grammy's for Dancehall music, shouldn't take myself and five other Jamaican artistes to present Dancehall music in one format when Mariah Carey get her own stage time and everyone else get their own stage time…I too should get my own stage time.

"For years they have our music putting it in a little corner and take it out when they feel like…I am not for that. I am here to stand up so Dancehall can be rated and respected as every other [genres of] music. It doesn't take five and six of us to show Dancehall to the world in one forum - Shabba Ranks alone could do it, Chaka Demus and Pliers can do it…cause I can and I will represent this music to the best of my ability.

"Anything or any platform or podium or country or anywhere in the world for me to show that I represent Dancehall music and my music that give me life from the scum of Jamaica to make be the man that I am, I am ready to represent it with full force! As long as they recognize and respect that my music collect Grammy as well.

"Dem nuh as intellect like Marcus Garvey all now, none a dem nuh fast like Usain Bolt all now, and none a dem nuh great like Shabba Ranks all now and none a dem nuh bad like Bob Marley all now. So we as Jamaican must stand up for our ting in a strong way. Nuh hide mi behind nuh little corner and den bring mi up pon stage for four little seconds ... dat a nuh weh Shabba want fi dancehall."

Check out the extended interview below:

Shabba Ranks live at Irie Jamboree Barclays Center Labor Day Weekend 2013

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