Sevana explains that she's a 'Bit Too Shy' on debut single Image

by Biko Kennedy

Produced by Winta James and Protoje, the single bleeds raw emotions and captivating vocal gymnastics that is coupled perfectly with a walking bassline and instrumentations reminiscent of the sounds of the 70s'. 

When we gave her official introduction to the blogosphere in  March of this year? she noted in our candid chat that ?"Innovation comes from dreaming of a new way to do something and actually doing it, and that’s as present as it needs to be in reggae today. In my compositions, I imagine/dream the melody, instruments and overall sound then bring it to life. I try, at least."

7 months later those melodies took the form of Bit Too Shy and serves as the perfect tease as to what's to come for her musical journey.

Check out the single below and do let us know what you think!

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