Sean Paul shares some knowledge on evolving Reggae/Dancehall Image

by Biko Kennedy

Never one to hesitate in sharing his innermost thoughts, in a pre-Grammy interview on February 10th Sean Paul shared some insight on how the Jamaican musical landscape could garner more international success.

Though not walking away with the Grammy for Best Reggae Album of 2012, Paul stood humbled by the opportunity of being considered for the category. "I'm very honoured to be considered in a category with some of my heroes," expressed Paul. "[Persons] like Jimmy Cliff, I really looked up to him as a kid…big up to the Wailers, Sly and Robbie; these guys are people who helped to shape how Reggae music sound before I was even involved," he continued before acknowledging a few twitter supporters routing for another Grammy win and noting his twitter personality.

Observing the power of Reggae/ Dancehall music, Paul states that "it's very global it's very underground still but it's still a root music in a lot of different places".

For any genre of music to remain relevant it has to evolve…if not it'll simply evaporate and Paul has certainly realized that and utilized the opportunity with his album Tomahawk Technique.

"In terms of producers and also artistes, there are a lot of young artistes coming up, and I think a lot of them need guidance and a little bit of coaching towards how to get their stuff aimed at International waters. I think that's the most important stuff for us because we're a small island and just to have other people appreciate our expression of music is a great feeling in itself and it also can be a lot more rewarding in sales and that kind of stuff," explains Paul.

Hear what he had to say here

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