Sean Paul/Konshens shuts down The Arsenio Hall Show with high energy Image

by Biko Kennedy

Waving the Jamaican flags high on The Arsenio Hall Show on February 13th, Sean Paul performed his latest single Want Dem All, which features fellow Dancehall heavyweight Konshens, to a roaring applause from the studio audience.


With what many saw as one of the most electrifying and energy-riddled performances in a while, Sean Paul placed his seal of being one of Dancehall's front-runners squarely on The Arsenio Hall Show with some assistance from Gal A Bubble crooner, Konshens.

Promoting his soon-to-be released LP, Full Frequency, Paul performed in the closing segment of the show after which he spoke a bit on his upbringings, early career moves, looking forward to Dancehall's future and his Instagram inspirational quotes.

"Full Frequency is the name of the album and it has a lot of different frequencies...a lot of different types of genres of music mixed and blended with Dancehall...from Hip Hop to R and B to Trap music to Dance music," he confessed to host Arsenio. "There's something on the album for everyone."

Check out his performance and snippet of the interview below.

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