Sean Paul hops to the 'Other Side Of Love' for sixth album Image

by Biko Kennedy

After debuting his fifth album, 'Tomahawk Technique', last year, Sean Paul returns with an upbeat dance track dubbed 'Other Side of Love', spinning as the lead single for his upcoming sixth album.

Other Side of Love, a Benny Blanco and the Cataracs produced track, features the sing-jay spitting of a failing relationship: "Baby, you don't have to keep looking through my phone/ If something's going on, girl you'd already know/ We can't even say two words without a fight anymore/ How did we get here? Baby, I got to know."

Paul recently explained to Digital Spy that the song is about "the other side of love - sometimes it's sweet but sometimes you have to work hard on it.

"It's about expelling doubt out of a relationship. It's a really poppy, dancehall-influenced track. I also have a song coming out called Entertainment featuring Juicy J and 2 Chainz - two of the best rappers in the game at the moment."

The She Doesn't Mind crooner explained to The Voice that he's "enjoyed all the collaborations I've done and I like the fact that music can bring artists together. We're all making music and to me, there's no difference between Tami Chynn and Beyoncé. We're all musicians and we're all making music, so I don't get caught up in the hype."

Further noting that "it's natural to gain new audiences and also to lose fans as well. As a fan of music myself, there have been times when I've heard new music from an artist I rate and I think to myself, 'I hate that song! What are they doing?' So I get it and I'm not afraid about losing fans. I focus more on gaining new fans than worrying about losing fans."

Paul also reveals that the upcoming album, due for a Fall release, should feature a track with him and Damian Marley.

"I've also done a collaboration with one of Jamaica's most talented guys at the moment Junior Gong - Bob Marley's son. He's been a friend of mine since prep school so this song has been a long time coming."

Stay tuned for more big news coming from Paul's camp.

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