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by Biko Kennedy

On the heels of Protoje's 8 Year Affair release – listed at number 4 on the Billboard-affiliated, citing it as "the fastest accelerating artistes during the past week, across all major social music sites, statistically predicted to achieve future success." - Don Corleon lets loose yet another masterpiece.

The riddim plays parallel to Don's previous work with soft and soulful elements in place to build the array of collective cognisant songs. Sonically there's nothing comparable to the production, which is now synonymous with his work.

To say the riddim is top-notch may be an understatement as it's masterfully crafted with an overflow of superb tunes with Don seemingly knowing how to bring the best out of each artiste.

The lyrically thought-provoking young talent, Chronixx, laces the riddim with praises to the King Tafari reiterating "I and I still a walk with the saviour, each and every where that I go/ still nah lef' out the Most I, I nah lef' out the Most I" on 'Most I'.

Da Professor stays true to his name and shares the varying reasons why rebellion is taking place among the youths on 'I Know Why' while Duane Stephenson sails his vocals comfortably across 'To the Lord'.

Jah Cure harmonizes vocals to reassure the love of his love how deeply his love grows on 'Stronger' with Jah Vinci sending shout outs to his 'corner' and letting everyone know how the place 'Nice Again'.

Mitch let his emotions get the better of him as his 'baby' works out the door and bids him adieu on 'Never Never' as Reggae Royalty, Morgan Heritage, can't help but notice that 'Ends nah Meet' and Tessanne Chin proves why she is one of the rarest songbirds on the musical landscape on 'Call on Him'.

T.O.K closes the riddim with their unmatched harmonies, gritty deejaying personas and calm and smooth falsettos on 'Crying Out' noting that "first dem turn dem back on the pickney dem, den dem turn 'round and gi di gun dem to di madda and di faada".

It's easy to assume the success stories that lay in store for this production – a great taste of Reggae, the 9-track Scriptures Riddim is a refined rarity with a well-adjusted mixture of newcomers and heavyweights, armed with inspiring lyrical potency.

Rating: 9.5/10


Chronixx – Most I

Da Professor – I Know Why

Duane Stephenson – To The Lord

Jah Cure – Stronger

Jah Vinci – Nice Again

Mitch – Never Never

Morgan Heritage – Ends Nah Meet

Tessanne Chin – Call On Him

T.O.K – Crying Out

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