Runkus delivers first single from his highly anticipated, Ky-Mani Marley-backed mixtape Image

by Biko Kennedy

With his mixtape Welcome Paula Son slated to be released soon, Runkus is whetting his growing fanbase's appetite with the first single from the project dubbed Rain Start Fall. A usual track performed at his live performances, the single echoes the lyricism and delivery of an artiste you'll truly yearn to hear more from. Check it out!

"Written from pure inspiration, this song is based on all facts, all true experiences I have encountered," Runkus confessed. Simply put, it is about missing someone. Rain is normally associated with times of being alone, so the longer one's away, the more it rains and we wish someone would bring some sunlight into our life, hence the lines, "when it makes a storm, bring you to the sun, and keep you warm in my arms".     

This track was penned in Florida by Runkus, composed at Bassick Records JA, Recorded at Downsound Records and now we present it to the world.

Check out the single below!

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