Rototom Sunsplash 2015 Day 2 Image

by Federico Di Puma

The second day here at Rototom welcomed a shining sun that wiped away for a while the clouds and called most of the Rototom aficionados to the beaches of Benicassim. In the meanwhile those who decided to remain in the Festival area had the luck to witness the sound check of the beautiful Hollie Cook ad of Lloyd Parks and We The People Band, a great anticipation of the show they were going to put up later on.

At 8.45pm Lloyd Parks brought his band to the stage and opened the shows with the Stalag Riddim and then singing Mafia before calling the first of his guests, the Outlaw Josey Wales.

“I brought some herb for you!” the Outlaw jumps on stage singing It Haffi Bun before bringing the crowd on a journey of his most important tunes like Leggo Me Hand and Cowboy Style. After a few tunes it's time for the rasta deejay Brigadier Jerry to touch the stage. Known for his conscious lyrics, the Brigadier begins his show on the notes of Armagideon. He then went to Is Your Soul Blessed and Every Man A Mi Brethren and concluded his solo part with the big hit Jamaica Jamaica. Josey Wales came back on stage to join him and the two deejays had the time to freestyle together on the Duck Riddim for a while before leaving the stage.

They provided an amazing show and set a the bar quite high for the other artists that were going to perform after them.

The strong energy of the two deejays was replaced on stage by the sensual grace of Hollie Cook. In her Rototom debut the young lady from London seduced everyone with her gentle though firm and powerful voice and her style. Tunes from her latest album Twice  like Postman, 99, Looking For Real Love and Tiger Balm were the core of a show that went often into live dub versions with her band providing pure quality music.

Her naivety and humbleness, considering the family she comes from (her father was the Sex Pistols' drummer), are a precious gift that allow her to approach and live the music business in a natural and relaxed way. She then talked about that in the press conference after the show, and whenasked about her growing up in a family of celebrities, she answered that it always felt very natural and that she simply considered them just as mum and dad.

After Hollie Cook another lady made her way to the Main Stage, Mar?a del Mar, lead vocalist of the Spanish band Chambao. The presence of this band changed a bit the atmosphere as they brought their unique modern flamenco style. The band had prepared a special show for Rototom and their flamenco sound melted greatly with Jamaicans influences.

Only one artist was yet to come to the Main Stage on a day full of quality music, Jah Cure. The singer from Hanover is in great form and showed all his class in his performance. Starting from Jah Bless Me, his show touched all his major hits like Divide And Rule and Call On Me, while Love Is The Solution was followed by Jah Jah City and tunes from other artists on the same riddim. Jah Cure is currently on tour to promote his latest album The Cure and tunes from the album like That Girl, Life We Live and the great Rasta, couldn’t be left out of the show.

True Reflections was dedicated to Buju Banton in a very emotional moment and the show ended with Longing For, Uncoditional Love and tribute to Bob Marley with Who The Cap Fit.

Jah Cure is an artist full of quality and his show at Rototom was the perfect way to close a day that gave us only great music.

As always we roamed around the different stages and were extremely impressed by the live of the Italian band Train To Roots on the Showcase Stage. With more than ten years on the road this band definitely knows how to deliver a show and the amount of love they received from the audience explains it all.

While Train To Roots were playing on the Showcase Stage, Mad Professor brought the Ariwa live dub show to the Dub Academy and Warrior Sound and I-shence made everyone dancing in the Dancehall Area.

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