Rototom Sunsplash 2015 Day 5 Image

by Federico Di Puma

If usually the opening show of every night is given to a roots, pioneer artist, for day 5 Rototom brought a straight dancehall flavour to the Main Stage with Cham, and what a good decision it was!

No matter if it took a while to bring the Rototom people to the Main Stage, Cham started with plenty of energy on the notes of his classics Babylon Bwoy, Wine and Heading To The Top before dropping one of his newest tunes, Too Hot. The great reactions he was getting from the crowd reached quickly the backstage area, where Capleton’s musicians were seen enjoying the music. Suck Yu Mumma and Mek Jamaica Feel Proud (this one introduced by “this is the Bug Riddim, if you don’t know it you don’t know dancehall!”) raise the excitement level of a notch, and it then exploded with Stronger, Fighter and Ghetto Story.

An amazing show and definitely the right artist to bring some dancehall rhythm to the Main Stage of Rototom.

After him it was time for a female rising star to touch the stage, Shuga. Backed by Capleton’s Prophecy Band, this strong lady started with Give My Soul To Jah and Ride Di Riddim, my personal highlight of her show. A touching version of Black Woman paid homage to the I-Trees, then Who The Cap Fit and Turn Your Lights Down Low kept alive the memory of Bob Marley. She closed her show with Ebony a beautiful tune where she really unleashed her voice to the top.

Shuga is a real talent, so watch out for her!

A completely different style awaited the Rototom massive after Shuga’s show, the one of Kiril Dzaikovski featuring Mc Wasp and TK Wonder. The show is a sort of electro-balkan music with dancehall influences and a set made by a dj, two mcs, a horn section and a violin. Definitely a change of music that anyway managed to blend in well and make the people dance.

Last on the Main Stage was the King of Fire, Capleton. That Day Will Come and Jah Jah City opened the dances and showed from beginning how much energy Capleton had already at the beginning of the show.  No Gunz was introduced by the speech “Bob Marley got shot, Peter Tosh got shot, Tupac, Lucky Dube, Biggie, all of them got shot, it’s enough!” while Or Wah and a beautiful Acres made everyone singing with him. When with Slew Dem and Chalice he seemed to have reached the best he could give, the Prophet went on an incredibly long acapella freestyle generating huge forwards from a crowd that couldn’t believe his capacity to go on for such a long time on a freestyle.

Two more bombs had yet to be played, Rocky Road and Mi Deh Yah, and with those two he closed a show that was definitely one of the best we have seen.

The tiredness of five days of Festival caught up badly and for one night we didn’t attend much of what happened on the several stages Rototom offers, but even from the camping site we could hear the bass of the Dub Academy shaking our tents while we tried to sleep.

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