Rest In Power John Holt Image

by Biko Kennedy

A musical hero that etched his name in the history books of Jamaica's unmatched musical legacy...a vocal genius that poured his heart out on every single he released...a poet whose lyrical content will stand firm in our hearts and echo in our ears...forever!

John Kenneth Holt  died in London on Sunday, October 19th. He was 69 years old. 

Holt had been battling ill health for some time now and seems to have worsened since August when he collapsed on stage at the One Love Concert in England. Following the collapse, the Stick by Me singer underwent a surgical operation and remained in London for recovery. 

John Holt started his musical career in 1963 with I Cried a Tear, a record produced by Leslie Kong. However, his prominence locally came as the lead singer of The Paragons. They recorded several hit records like Ali BabaTonight and I See Your Face for producer Duke Reid at his Treasure Isle Studio.

Holt left The Paragons in 1970 and concentrated on his solo career, Stick By Me coming in 1972 with his last solo album being Peacemaker, which was released in 1993.

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