Reggae Rajahs release One Love Nepal, a single in support of the on-going relief efforts in Nepal Image

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The single is an attempt by India’s premier reggae soundsystem to raise awareness about the current situation in Nepal.

A month after disaster struck the landlocked Himalayan nation, the Reggae Rajahs – India’s first reggae soundsystem – have come out with a single in support of the people of Nepal.  One Love Nepal is an attempt by the group to raise awareness about the on-going situation in Nepal, and direct their growing community towards reaching out and helping people in the country.
One Love Nepal was produced by DJ Frass – one of Kingston’s most well-known dancehall producers. The artwork for the single, which was designed by Nanki Josiya Singh, is inspired by the weave used in the ‘Dhaka Topi’ – which is the traditional headgear worn by Nepalese men.

One Love Nepal further reinforces the Rajahs commitment towards their art and the global community –staying true to the ethos imbibed in Reggae culture. 

Listen to the single below:

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