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Reggae artiste Keznamdi has made his entry into the EDM market with his latest single 'Watching You'. The dance track is produced by international DJ/ electronic artist Trevor Simpson and  becomes available today via major EDM retailer; it will be available on all other digital outlets on July 1. The song is being marketed and distributed by independent dance music powerhouse label, Carillo Music.

Over the past 24 months, the EDM landscape has brought about a cross pollination of genres, flavors and ethnicities resulting in this genre now taking over music charts and festivals globally. Keznamdi believes this will increase his marketability, “EDM is a big thing worldwide trust me, I’ve seen it for myself when I travel, so when my management got the call from the producers, we went in studio right away. My aim is to bridge all life’s’ gaps through music and I think this track will further help my message and culture to transcend borders”- Keznamdi.

‘Watching You’ is an adaptation of Keznamdi’s radio hit ‘Darkness’ which was featured on his Bridging the Gap EP, release last year. The single is currently being serviced to the EDM DJ community and has already been remixed several times which is a good sign from industry insiders according to Rod Carillo, famed dance and Latin music producer and label president at Carillo Music;  “Our team has garnished some great industry reactions so far, industry watchers have been following DJ Trevor Simpson’s career and by adding Keznamdi’s profile to this collaboration, the insiders and people on a whole are buzzing about it for sure.” 

While this is his first EDM single, the 22 year old Rastafarian singer does not intend for this to be his last, “We watching this single to see how well it does and who knows, if it does as well as we expect, we may just do an album for that market; as I always say I’m a limitless being, spreading positivity through music by any means necessary”.

Check out the single below:

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