Reggae In Italy: Alborosie at Parabiago Rugby Sound Image

by Federico Di Puma

Italian native Federico Di Puma reviews Alborosie's Sound System European Tour first date  in Italy.

On the 27th of June Alborosie kicked off his "Sound the System European Tour" with a great performance in his homeland, Italy.Strangely enough it was his first live concert for me, and certainly it didn't disappoint.

In the nice open-air stage of the Parabiago Rugby Sound Festival, opening acts of his concert were the upcoming reggae band Mellow Mood, who have recently released their second studio album "Heart Over Mind Over Matter" and the young talent Vacca, who has been produced by Alborosie himself.

Then it was time for Pupa Albo to rock the stage. He started off with a few songs of the new album, like Who Run The Dance,Rock the Dancehall and Zion Train (which on the album features Ky-Mani Marley), making immediately clear that the main part of the show would have been made of the newest tracks. He did however perform some of  his most known tunes like No CocaineRastafari AnthemPoliceWaan The Herb and Herbalist, and some tunes from his previous album 2 Times Revolution, which were well appreciated by the public (above all International Drama with its introduction in Italian).

As the show went on Alborosie took a short break giving the spotlight to the guitar player of the Shengen Clan Band (unfortunately I couldn't catch his name) to introduce a couple of songs from his upcoming album.

After that Albo came back on the stage with a few more songs of the new album, which was played almost entirely, and then closing the concert with the stunning performance of one of his first hits, Kingston Town.


Even though Alborosie and the band arrived in Italy just a few hours before the concert, they managed to put up a great show with a right mix of new and old tunes. From my point of view the only problem of the show was the fact that the new album wasn't out yet, and most of the new tunes were unknown to the public. But, as Albo said, the next time he comes to Italy we'll all know the new tunes and we'll all be able to sing along with him!

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